Disco Fever Party (4+ years)

Ideal for young children, 4+ years who love music and dancing. This is a disco themed party with a full complement of lighting effects as you would expect to see at a grown-up’s party. However we follow a unique entertainment routine to cleverly keep the children’s attention throughout.

Experience has taught us that just playing music and throwing in the odd party game is not enough to keep young children’s interest. This party package is more like an interactive show and is highly energetic. Packed with non-stop entertainment and interaction from the entertainer all the way through.

Starting with a fun icebreaker our entertainer will get all the children involved. This is followed by a dancing competition with the entertainer dancing along with the children to show them all the moves as well as to many other songs throughout the party.

We have a huge repertoire of party games & competitions to keep with the disco theme such as musical bumps, musical statues, musical chairs but with our own twist to them. We also have more contemporary competitions like ‘The Limbo, The Silly Hat Game, Runaway Train and Corners to name but a few.

Inbetween the games we have silly routines including a sing-a-long element and plenty of party/chart music familiar to the children at their age. If you are having a theme to your party we are more than happy to adapt our routine to fit in.

We also believe in keeping the music volume at just the right level as children’s hearing is more sensitive and loud music can be intimidating. If the venue permits it we use a fog machine to enhance the overall atmosphere and lighting effects.

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